Affordable SEO for Realtors

Affordable SEO for realtors has always been a way to get in the game and truly compete for clients online. Today, spending money for newspaper or magazine ads has become a thing of the past; and potentially an huge waste of money spent. Search engine optimization can be an even more affordable way in which to market not only yourself as a realtor, but also your current listings.Realty is a highly competitive profession; especially working alongside a large number of realtors in the same city or town. How do you get ahead of the pack? How do you steal the leads that your competitors are getting each and every day? SEO.It is well known, that if you are searching for exercise equipment or antique light fixtures online, you will enter a keyword or a key phrase into a well-known search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). When results are displayed, who truly scans through the ninth, tenth or thirtieth page for a valid website? Nobody.It is those few that hold websites in the top rankings that are looked at first. The same applies for realtors and real estate agents. The first few pages, and especially that of the first few ranked individuals, will get: the first website click, the first client, and possibly, the first sale. Who wouldn’t want to be this realtor?SEO for realtors, moves your website up in the search engine rankings effectively, over time. On-page affordable SEO fixes such as meta-tags, description tags, etc., can make effective adjustments to your webpage within six to nine short few weeks of your SEO campaign’s first month.Off-page affordable SEO fixes can take six to nine months to register, but they will continue to increase your page rankings, should you decide at some point to cease with your SEO campaign temporarily or indefinitely.Clearly, those that continue to have an affordable SEO company continually working on their SEO campaign, will receive faster and more aggressive results; but truly, any results will assist your webpage.What exactly is affordable seo, and how much should I expect to pay? As with any profession, rates vary by: demand, years of experience, expertise, etc. An average SEO company will charge anywhere from $40 per hour on the low end, to $200 per hour on the higher end. Note that more expensive service, does not always mean, ‘better’ service. Some companies wish to play the Affordable SEO game of competitive pricing with each other, which is always in a realtor’s favor.The first month of SEO for a realtor, as well as any other company or profession, will always be the most costly. Packages may start at $2,000 for the first month, but taper off to your budget of a few hundred dollars for months thereafter. The first month is a necessary search engine optimization investment. The first month of an SEO campaign gets your website ready and rockin’ for true SEO to commence.One should notice a small jump in rankings even after only a few months of that initial SEO month. This is because when a website is properly prepared for search engines to read, that is exactly what happens – search engines like Google note the changes, and rank your site accordingly.Why invest in SEO as a realtor? As something only a good and informative business person may realize; if it costs a few thousand dollars for an SEO campaign of a few months, and you sell $40,000 worth of house sale commission shortly after or within those months, a wise investment was made.SEO is for the smart realtor, but truly, to even compete anymore, one needs an SEO specialist on their side. A good SEO company will work within your budget after the initial campaign month is completed. Invest in what you can, and you will quickly see the results that every other realtor has already been experiencing.

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